Dubh, the meaning for Black in Irish is nestled on the corner of one of newbridges oldest streets, facing out onto the old market square, the Building has been a pub, venue, Grocery store and everything in-between threw ought the year, But in 2021 Ubh, witch was once a small little cafe across the road moved in, Creating a trilogy of services , from casual lunch , Seasonal Dinner &  Organic wine to a Creative & exciting Space for drinks, music & Events.
Dinner and lunch reservations are essential and can be made through open table,over the phone @085-766-7911 or email @dubhnewbridge@gmail.com

Welcome back, lads.

Ye all know the story, started off small now we here!

Our beautiful kitchen gang are putting together delicious seasonal dishes using the best our lovely land and sea can offer.

We work closely with local producers & Farmers.

Our wines are all bio & natural and chosen by the some serious smozers Emma , Niamh & Eoaideen .

Oh btw , don’t worry our lovely cafe is still open Tuesday-Saturday 10-3.3 (it’s still as good as ever).